Maryville’s Great Fires

Almost every town of Maryville’s size usually has a list somewhere of major fires. Here’s my stab at the Major Non-Residential fires. There’s only a handfull that I can confirm dates. The rest are educated guesses. As an overview there were two major fires on the east side of the square; Townsends burned downtown and then burned against north of the college and I think that its replacement also burned north of the college. Here’s my list:
*August 28, 1951 – Wabash tanks explosion/Residence Hall fire
*1958/1959 – Townsend Wholesale Grocery Fire (downtown)
*1960? – Milk plant on east side (
*April 6, 1962 – A&P and Maryville Lumberyard on east side of square
*October 1, 1964 – East side gas tanks/Safeway bombing
*1965? Townsend Wholesale Grocery (north of college)
*1966? – Maryville Lumberyard on east side of square (again)
*January 4, 1972 – North side of square (Holt Supply, Western Auto, Maryville Shoe, Warren Jones Drugs, Merle Norman Cosmetics, Sheri’s Beauty Salon). Damage to Bainum Hotel, Jim’s Inn, Robey Insurance
*1972? –Hotchkins Gift Fire by Citizens Bank on northwest side of square
*1972? – Former Townsends warehouse on north side of college (Regal?)
*July 24, 1979 – NWMSU Administration Building
*January 27, 2007 – Carson Apartments (former St. Patricks High School)
*August 3, 2011 – Former Time and Gift building on southwest side of square

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