Nodaway News » St. Gregory’s School marks 50 years of providing religious education

The Nodaway News has a great article on the history of St. Gregory’s school which opened in 1963.Nodaway News » St. Gregory’s School marks 50 years of providing religious education.

The first Catholic school in Maryville, St. Mary’s, opened on February 26, 1875, with Benedictine nuns from the Maria Rickenbach Convent in Switzerland. When the St. Mary’s church basement was completed a few years later, classes were held there until a school could be built in 1912.

Another parish in Maryville, St. Patrick’s, completed a school of its own in 1911. Benedictine Sisters from Atchison, KS, taught students in eight grades as well as high school, which remained in existence until 1937.

Many of the students went to school daily during the early years at St. Mary’s and St. Patrick’s, however, some students were boarded during the week.

As times changed and the community changed, the St. Mary’s and St. Patrick’s parishes were combined in 1961. The new parish was dedicated to St. Gregory Barbarigo and included approximately 2,000 parishioners consisting of the 200 families from St. Mary’s and the 325 families from St. Patrick’s.


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